At Annex Psychotherapy here in Toronto
our therapists believe that psychotherapy
can be life changing. As dedicated
therapists we recognize that the decision to
begin therapy is not an easy one to make,
but for many people choosing to see a
psychotherapist is the first step in a new
Why seek out a therapist, and why choose Annex

There are many reasons you might decide to visit a therapist.
You may be depressed, or anxious, fearful or grief stricken, you
may feel that you are stuck and you can't seem to find the will or
the way to move ahead with your life.
You may have recieved a diagnosis of physical or mental health
that feels overwhelming and unmanageable and you don't know
what to do.
You may be struggling with a change in your life, one you initiated
or one thrust upon you or you may find that you have a habit of
repeating thoughts and problems and patterns in your personal
or professional relationships.
Perhaps you struggle with gender identity or your
sexual orientation.
You may find you're feeling sad or anxious or maybe it is it
difficult for you to find a place where you feel you belong.
You might simply not feel good about yourself, your confidence
may be low or you may feel vaguely unsure and unhappy and
wonder why but know that you want something to change, and
not know how to bring that change about.

Any of these reasons can bring you to therapy and many reasons
not mentioned here. If any of these thoughts ring true, you might
benefit from talking to one of our therapists.

When you enter into therapy, with a professional therapist at
Annex Psychotherapy you can know that they are positive,
open-minded, and respectful and they can provide you with  
guidance as you explore the reasons behind what makes you,
you. Psychotherapy can provide you with a place for you to
explore yourself and whatever might be troubling you. It is a safe
place to learn new responses to old and often self defeating
patterns. Therapy encourages you to meet daily problems in new
ways by growing the capacity for new and different ways of
coping with the world and its challenges.

As graduates of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy we
came together to form Annex Psychotherapy here in Toronto in
order to provide a compact easily accessible place for you to find
quality therapists and therapy in the heart of Toronto's Annex

We look forward to hearing from you.

Phil, Ulla, Elizabeth, Alex
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Annex Psychotherapyat Bloor and Spadina
Annex Psychotherapy is located
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All of our therapists offices are  
wheelchair accessible.
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